Robert Taraschi - Strategic Facilitation

Bob is a strategic facilitator and author who leads over 100 business strategy and innovation sessions per year. He has served the needs of over half of the Fortune 500, and is credited with strategic roles in over 90 new product introductions.

For years Bob has worked across a variety of strategic assignments, in such areas as concurrent innovation, new product development, strategic planning, branding, positioning, task-oriented problem-solving, strategic business planning and productivity improvement.

Bob has brought fresh approaches to strategic business and marketing challenges for P&G, Hershey, J.P. Morgan, Diago PLC., Novartis, Gillette, General Mills, Campbell Soups, Kraft Foods, Neuroscience Solutions, G.E. Capital, State Farm, Vanguard and others.

Bob's professional background includes writing assignments for Saturday Night Live, award-winning copywriting for the advertising firm of Hill, Holiday in Boston, MA., and strategic marketing consulting as group head with Regis McKenna Inc. in Palo Alto, CA, and most recently, strategic facilitation for IPSOS.   Bob is the former President of The Marketing Partnership in Cambridge, MA. He has received academic degrees and certification from Villanova University, Smith College and Psychoanalytic Institute of New England.

Bob is a board-certified New Products Development Professional from the Product Development and Marketing Association, a board member of the Boston Center for the Study of Groups and Social Systems in the Tavistock tradition, a member of the International Organization for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations and the A.K. Rice Institute.

groups and organizations.

Phone: 781-801-9426